Preseazon Preparation Camp

A host of sports persons and teams from all over the world, including international football squads, Olympic hopefuls, seasoned medalists and endurance athletes, all give themselves a competitive advantage by opting to train towards their goals in Cyprus, thanks to a winning formula of our Multi Sports Cyprus Services.

We all know the importance of an effective and well organized preseason preparation camp especially when it comes to professional teams and athletes.

Multi sports Cyprus will be more than happy to welcome you in Cyprus and offer you the very best of our services for your preseason training preparation and help you built up to a successful sports season.

Depending on your team or individual requirements Our Services include:

  • General Organization/logistics arrangements
  • Assistance and guidance 24 hours
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodation and food
  • Training and games facilities
  • Gym / swiming pool / sauna / spa facilities
  • Lectures / seminar rooms fully equipped
  • Laundry services
  • Training Equipment
  • Coaching staff upon request
  • Opponents for friendly games
  • Refereeing
  • Medical Services
  • Optional sightseeing and shopping tours & other activities